What’s your staple?

You know, the staple in your wardrobe? (Not the Officeworks kind, not much fun to be had there). It’s the one piece of clothing that you can’t imagine not owning and you look to every time you need a banging outfit. It requires very minimal effort, if at all, as it’s good enough to style you up all on it’s own. Sometimes even, you may opt not to wear it, purely because it’s too good for the occasion; the event is not worthy for this great piece of sartorial perfection. It could be a jacket, a pair of jeans, your new skirt, or heels. Given it’s fast approaching winter, do you have a winter staple, perhaps? It could be your new winter hat?

Like rice is to China, my staple is a blazer. Well, really, it’s my everyday essential; it’s not limited to winter. I must admit, I am in love with blazers; man style, fitted, cropped, slouchy, you name it, I don’t discriminate. If it’s a blazer, I gots to have it.

These guys go with everything and they will add instant style to any number of outfits. You could be rocking your oldest, faded, most neglected tee with your derelict jeans. (Wait, derelict – having a Mr. Mugatu moment, relax…don’t do it… andddd stop!)

So anyway, you’ve got your faded tee, your old jeans, but then throw on an oversized blazer and hey presto! Instant fashion cred.  Like our dear friend, Kate Moss here.

Blazers are, without a doubt, my winter staple. I only own a few (yup – it’s not enough) and I want so many more (see, I told you, not enough). I came across this little beauty, the Proxy Blazer by Wish, the other day and have been pining for it ever since.

Please excuse the arrows, I'm hopeless with images

I really like the nude colour of this one and as such, I think it would work perfectly for the day.  Whilst still dressing up an outfit, it wont come across as too formal. Which is something the black ones can, occasionally, be guilty of.

If you like a more relaxed style, you could opt for the oversized, boyfriend blazer  (one of my faves) and don’t fret – you wont look like you’re swimming in it. They’ll still be fitted to your size, you’ll still look chic but it’ll be more of an effortless chic. Too easy.

So do tell, what’s your winter, summer, or just an everyday wardrobe staple?


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4 Comments on “What’s your staple?”

  1. May 7, 2010 at 16:25 #

    Agree the nude colour does make it less formal – it is stunning. My staple is jeans – which I guess many might say!

  2. onepillawayfromchaos
    May 7, 2010 at 19:53 #

    White t-shirt

  3. May 8, 2010 at 19:51 #

    nice .

  4. May 8, 2010 at 22:33 #

    The Late Stork – Glad you agree. Jeans are a great staple, especially cause there are so many styles, colours etc. Plus, the great thing is, they’re always going to work with something.

    onepillawayfromchaos – Basic, but it works. Keeping it simple.

    Thanks sherron!

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